Message from the Chairman

The human body is the most advanced system God created on earth. The doctors who serve for the perfect functioning of this system fulfill a sacred duty. Therefore, doctors need to develop themselves in accordance with this sacred profession, and the hospitals that serve them need to be brought close to perfection.
At Yeditepe University Hospital, human resources, technology, and the building as a whole were prepared in accordance with this philosophy. We have tried to establish a system close to human perfection in our hospital. I hope we have succeeded. The doctors of Yeditepe University Hospitals continue to have the opportunity to realize the highest ideals in their fields.
Even in the 1930s, when medicine was still in its early stages in Türkiye, Atatürk said, "Entrust me to Turkish doctors". With this philosophy, I can say that we have established a Turkish University Hospital that I would definitely entrust with.

Founder and Honorary President of İSTEK Foundation and Yeditepe University
Bedrettin Dalan 

Bedrettin Dalan