Message from Management

As Yeditepe University Hospitals and its affiliated institutions, our basic principles are closely following the constantly developing medical technologies and realizing the diagnosis and treatment methods of the future. We strive to add value to human health with our specialized physicians and professional healthcare staff who have completed their education in Türkiye's and the world's elite medical faculties and our world-class technological equipment.

We are also proud to certify the quality we have brought to the Turkish Health Sector. We were accredited by JCI (Joint Commission International), the world's most important determinant of health standards, in all standards with our entire system in the first audit. In other words, we have been entitled to be the first Turkish University Hospitals Group to certify its quality and success at the international level.

Yeditepe University Hospitals and its affiliated institutions, where science and technology are brought together for human health, continue to produce knowledge and technology with the awareness of being a university hospital.


Our ever-increasing success since the day we were founded and our perspective that prioritizes human health above all else add strength to our power. Our hospital carries Türkiye to a healthier future with all employees working under its roof and continues to work with the awareness of this sacred duty.

Our goal is to become a community of university health institutions that are referred to in the health sector with our general and branch hospitals and polyclinic services.