About Us

Yeditepe University Hospitals, with its superior technology and infrastructure equipped with smart systems, has been in service since August 26, 2005. Yeditepe University Hospitals, with its staff consisting mainly of professors and associate professors who have many national and international achievements, is making important efforts to train new and successful physicians. The vision of Yeditepe University Hospitals is to represent Türkiye in the international arena and to bring our country to a position of influence in the medical world.

Multislice CT (multislice computed tomography), 3 Tesla MRI, PET-CT (detecting and scanning cancerous tissues), and Gamma Camera in the Imaging Unit of Yeditepe University Hospitals are some of the devices with advanced technology in the world that provide a great convenience in diagnosis and treatment.


The Hospital Information System (HIS) software is utilized in Yeditepe University Hospitals, where computer technology is used very effectively. This software not only allows patient information to be collected and processed quickly and used in diagnosis and treatment but also enables the patient's information such as imaging and laboratory results to be presented and stored in a computerized environment. With this system, our doctors can follow up with patients electronically even when they are out of the hospital. In addition, this system minimizes paper circulation and bureaucracy and eliminates the loss of time suffered by patients and their relatives.

Documented Quality

On November 2, 2007, Yeditepe University Hospitals and Affiliated Institutions were accredited by JCI (Joint Commission International), which is considered to be the world's most important organization on health standards, with its entire system and all standards in the first audit. In other words, it became the first Turkish university hospital group to certify its quality and success at the international level.

Yeditepe University Hospital and Affiliated Institutions, which have been certified to provide world-class services with this quality certificate given to the world's most distinguished health institutions, are determined to walk into the future with greater success based on the principles of pioneering and leadership. Yeditepe University Hospitals was accredited by JCI for the fifth time in 2020, proving that its quality is sustainable.

Featured Services

Yeditepe University Hospitals provide services to patients in all branches as well as having an international reputation in the field of neurosurgery (brain and nerve surgery). It is also one of the leading institutions in the health sector with many branch physicians in bone marrow transplantation, kidney transplantation, bariatric surgery, epilepsy and epilepsy surgery, cardiology, cardiovascular surgery, urology, general surgery, high-level genetic diagnosis center laboratory, and pediatrics.

Units Offering Services with SSI (Social Security Institution)

Yeditepe University Hospitals also provide services in all branches with SSI-contracted physicians.

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