Online Doctor Appointment

We continue to provide services to our patients during the pandemic period that affects the whole world. 
In cases where you need it but cannot go to the hospital or do not prefer to go to the hospital, you can use our Yeditepe University Hospitals Online Doctor Consultation service. 

For this, all you have to do is call our call center at 444 7000 or apply by clicking the button below.

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Online Doctor Appointment

"Online Doctor Consultation" Steps

Making Online Consultation Application

You can apply online for your appointment at You will be responded to as soon as possible. Or you can call our call center at 444 7000.

Creation / Confirmation of Appointment

After your application is on the website, our call center will call you and organize your appointment. When you call our call center, your appointment will be created by providing the necessary information.

Consultation Process

The standard doctor consultation time is 15 minutes. This period can only be extended by your doctor. We kindly ask you to be ready for the consultation at a suitable place 15 minutes before your appointment time, together with your previous analysis results. 
In accordance with the Law on the Protection of Personal Data and due to our patient and doctor privacy policy, no video calls are recorded. It is also illegal for you to do this recording process.

Questions About Online Doctor Consultation

For Which Branches and Physicians Can I Make an Online Doctor Consultation?

You can contact us through our call center at 444 7000 for detailed information about Yeditepe University Hospitals Online Doctor Service branches and our physicians.

What are the Situations Outside the Scope of the Service?

In cases of sudden illness, accident, injury, brain and spinal cord injuries, traumas, loss of consciousness, severe burns, chest pain, vomiting, etc., within the first 24 hours following the occurrence of the event, complaints regarding emergencies that require medical attention are not covered by this service. If you have such symptoms, we recommend that you apply to the relevant Emergency Health Service Units without wasting time.

How Does the Payment Process Take Place?

Necessary guidance will be provided during the call you will make with our Call Center representatives for the Online Doctor Consultation. For the service fee, you can securely pay by EFT, money order, or mail order methods. Your appointment can be canceled up to 2 hours before the appointment time, without any charge. For this, cancellation information must be notified to our Call Center at least 2 hours before.

What Are the Requirements for Consultation and Connection?

Any smartphone with an Android, IOS, or Windows operating system and a front camera or a computer with suitable camera-audio equipment, and a high-speed internet connection are sufficient for a quality call.

What Happens If You Are Not Ready at Appointment / Consultation Time?

If you cannot answer the phone when you are called by your doctor at the appointment time given to you and you are not ready at the relevant time, you will be deemed to have waived your right to use the service. In this case, no refund can be made.

Is There a Right to Control Examination Within the Scope of Online Doctor Consultation?

You have the right to a control consultation within 10 days. In cases where a control examination is required, your doctor will inform you. You can make your control appointment through our Call Center.