The Most Important Neurosurgeons of the World Gathered in Istanbul!

The world's top 500  neurosurgeons  met in Istanbul with the initiative of Prof. Dr. Uğur Türe. At the meeting, "semi-sitting brain surgery", an old technique that has been re-used, was discussed.
The meeting that will shape the future of world neurosurgery is held in Istanbul by the Turkish Neurosurgery Association and Yeditepe University under the leadership of Yeditepe University Hospitals Neurosurgery Specialist. To follow the scientific program, President of the International Rhoton Society Prof. Dr. Toshio Matsushima, Japanese Neurosurgeon Prof. Dr. Shigeaki Kobayashi and  140 scientists  including the Honorary Visitor Prof. Dr. Ossama Al-Mefty from Harvard University came to Istanbul.

Vegetables and Olive Oil for Brain Health

Prof. Dr. Türe listed what should be done for brain health as follows: "Smoking is the enemy of the brain. Smoking should definitely be avoided. Not stress, but depression affects brain health negatively. It is very important to have a balanced diet. Mediterranean type diet is the best for brain health. Consume vegetables and olive oil. "High cholesterol, high blood pressure are the other enemies of the brain. The rate of obesity in our country is around 30 percent. Obesity also negatively affects brain health."

New Neurosurgeons Don't Know This Position

Prof. Dr. Türe said, "We are discussing an operating position for the first time in the world. It is more advantageous to operate the patient in a 'semi-sitting position', especially in brain surgeries performed in the back and neck parts of the brain. However, young neurosurgeons have not used this method since they have not seen their instructors recently. We, experienced surgeons will inform them about the use of this position in surgeries. This method has not been preferred for years due to the risk of air embolism in the vein. Thanks to the developing technology, we have succeeded in overcoming this problem. In this position, the brain can be seen cleanly. There is no blood or water. It does not block your way. The brain does not swell. You can work using both hands. I prefer this position in the surgeries which I perform in the back and neck of the brain."

They Stole Einstein's Brain, But Couldn't Solve It

On the subject of stealing and examining the brain of Einstein, who is defined as a famous physicist and genius, Prof. Dr. Türe said: "They stole Einstein's brain. A poor old man's brain went around. It was impossible to understand with the technology at the time. Nothing was published scientifically on the subject. They couldn't find anything decent. Just an old man's brain. What you can find. They tried to understand something from its shape 
We don't know how the brain works yet. It was necessary to study it at a more molecular, chemical level. We are not at that level yet. It is not possible to extract anything from the fold of the brain.". 

The Human Brain Is Still Trying To Unravel

Collecting the oldest medical books on brain surgeries from the 16th to the 18th centuries, Prof. Dr. Türe has showcased the history of brain operations, down to the earliest set of surgeons used in brain surgery, along with 45 medical books. Dr.Türe, who dedicates one floor of his house to the history of brain operations, Prof. Dr. Türe said, "There are many things that cannot be solved in the human brain. If we say that 10 per cent of the human brain is solved, it is getting ridiculous."



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