Achievement of a Turkish Scientist

Turkish Scientist's Great Achievement is on the Cover of the World's Foremost Neurosurgery Journal

Series and the results of the successful surgeries conducted by Honorary Chair of the “World Neurosurgery Associations Federation”, Prof. Dr. Uğur Türe and his team are placed on the cover of the August 2021 issue of the “Journal of Neurosurgery” journal, the most prestigious journal of the neurosurgery field throughout the world.

In the article announced on the cover of the journal, titled “Extraction of Thalamic Lesions via Microneurosurgery”, results of the operations conducted by Prof. Dr. Uğur Türe, Head of the Department of Brain and Nerve Surgery at Yeditepe University’s Faculty of Medicine, with his team, using the specialized techniques that are developed for “Thalamus” surgeries, one of the most difficult areas of the brain to reach. The success of the surgical techniques, developed by Dr. Türe himself, as well as the latest technological developments, have been covered widely throughout the world. This study of Dr. Türe, which will function as a guide in the field of neurosurgery, is also vital in terms of marking the ultimate developments in the field and providing hope for the patients.

This study, consisting of cases that have provided new techniques to the field of neurosurgery with a high success rate by Prof. Dr. Uğur Türe and his team, is, due to the journal being the publication with the widest coverage in the world, considered as a great pride for showcasing the internationally-recognized high level of neurosurgery in our country.




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