World's Top Physicians Arrive in Turkey in Honor of Prof. Dr. Yaşargil

Yeditepe University's 1st Pituitary Days is held in honor of Prof. Dr. Gazi Yaşargil, the most important neurosurgeon of the last century. In the first of the meetings, which are aimed to become traditional, the rarely diagnosed and difficult-to-treat 'Craniopharyngioma' tumor will be discussed. The meeting, which will be attended by many important scientists from Turkey and abroad, will be held in Istanbul on October 12. 

Yeditepe University Hospitals Medical Coordinator and Endocrinology Specialist Prof. Dr. Fahrettin Keleştemur gave information about the 1st Pituitary Days. Prof. Dr. Fahrettin Keleştemur highlighted that one of the largest Craniopharyngioma series in the literature belongs to Prof. Dr. Gazi Yaşargil and said that such an organization is extremely important for our country. At the meeting, Prof. Dr. Keleştemur stated that Craniopharyngioma, which can occur in both childhood and adulthood, will be discussed in all its aspects. 
Emphasizing that craniopharyngioma is a rare but important disease, Prof. Dr. Fahrettin Keleştemur stated that delayed diagnosis and treatment negatively affect the patient's life.

“We Are Fulfilling Our Debt To Prof. Dr. Gazi Yaşargil”

Underlining the great contributions of Prof. Dr. Gazi Yaşargil to the world of medicine, Prof. Dr. Keleştemur said, “Prof. Dr. Gazi Yaşargil was chosen as the most important neurosurgeon in the world of the second half of the last century. His studies and the new techniques he developed brought this success. He made a great contribution to the world of medicine with his understanding of brain anatomy and the new approaches he developed in brain tumor surgery. Prof. Dr. Yaşargil is a very important value for both our country and the whole world. It was a debt to organize such a meeting in honor of a physician who has made a great service to humanity, and we are fulfilling that debt.” 

A Difficult and Problematic Subject to Follow

Saying that pituitary diseases are rare, Prof. Dr. Keleştemur stated, “Some pituitary tumors have difficulties in diagnosis and treatment. Because of its rarity, the disease is little known. Therefore, there may be difficulties in the follow-up of patients. Craniopharyngioma, one of these tumors and the subject of our meeting, can affect the pituitary gland and lead to pituitary failure. Turkey is an important country in the diagnosis and treatment of pituitary diseases. That is why our meeting is important.”

Craniopharyngioma Causes Growth Retardation in Children

Stating that the tumor usually shows signs of growth and developmental retardation in children, Prof. Dr. Fahrettin Keleştemur stated, “The behavior of craniopharyngioma is different from other pituitary tumors, and it can be difficult to diagnose. In childhood, it usually presents with a pause in growth. This is an extremely important symptom. Families should be incredibly careful. If the child's height growth stops suddenly, Craniopharyngioma should be suspected. In adults, it can cause vision loss. Patients usually present with symptoms of hormone deficiency or excessive drinking and urination.”

Anyone Can Attend the Congress

Prof. Dr. Fahrettin Keleştemur stated that rare diseases will be discussed every year at the Pituitary Days and used the following statements: “It is a meeting open to all physicians across Turkey. We invite neurosurgeons, radiotherapy specialists, and families, relatives of patients, everyone who wants to participate. Yeditepe Pituitary Days will continue to be held traditionally every year. At each meeting, we will usually cover a difficult, rare, and little-known topic. Another aim of ours is to publish scientific articles on the subject after each meeting and ensure that they appear in important medical journals.”


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