New Techniques in Cardiology Explained with Live Case Analysis

The "Imaging in Coronary Intervention and Effective Use of Coronary Physiology" meeting was held with the support of İbrahim Etem-Menarini.

At the meeting, cardiologists were informed about CT angiography, IVUS, and FFR with live case analyses performed by Prof. Dr. Muzaffer Değertekin, Prof. Dr. Murat Sezer, and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Olcay Özveren.

The findings obtained thanks to different imaging techniques change the diagnosis of many diseases and closely affect the treatment strategy. At the "Imaging in Coronary Intervention and Effective Use of Coronary Physiology," meeting held with the support of İbrahim Etem-Menarini, current techniques and application methods used in cardiology were shared.

At the meeting, which evaluated five different cases where techniques such as Computed Tomography (CT) angiography, Intravascular Ultrasonography (IVUS), and Fractional Flow Technique [FFR] were applied, the participants had the chance to follow the analyzes via live broadcast.

Plaques That Are Not Seen With Coronary Angiography Appear

Emphasizing the differences between coronary angiography and classical angiography, Prof. Dr. Muzaffer Değertekin stated that coronary angiography gives more information about the symptoms of diseases. Prof. Dr. Değertekin: "Computed tomography [CT] angiography also reveals plaques that are difficult to see in classical angiography. This completely changes the treatment and trading strategy. The tomography method is used in many different areas and is also a very important method for evaluating the main coronary lesions."

Different Results are Obtained with FFR

Sharing the clues about when FFR and IVUS methods should be used with colleagues, assistants, and students of the Faculty of Medicine, Prof. Dr. Murat Sezer: ''When evaluated with the FFR technique, one-third of people with multiple vascular disease fell from the high-risk group to a lower-risk group. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Olcay Özveren explained the evaluation of complex main coronary cases and case analyses.


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