7. İstanbul Microneurosurgey Course

7. İstanbul Mikronöroşirürji Kursu
11 December 2017

"Istanbul Microneurosurgery Course", which will be organized this year by Yeditepe University Hospital Brain and Nerve Surgery Department, will be held between 26-29 January 2017. During the course, Prof. Dr. Gazi Yaşargil will also be sharing his experiences with neurosurgeons from many countries around the world.

When it comes to brain surgery, the first name that comes to mind in the world is "Neurosurgeon of the Century" Prof. Dr. The course, where Gazi Yaşargil will share his experiences, will be attended by Yeditepe University Hospital Head of the Department of Brain and Nerve Surgery, Prof. Dr. It will be held under the direction of Uğur Türe. Registrations for the course, which was held with the participation of neurosurgeons from all over the world and instructors who came by special invitation, were filled months in advance.

Physicians who came to Turkey for this course from many countries, from the United States to Japan; Prof. Dr. The founder of micro neurosurgery, Prof., who works on scientific projects with Uğur Türe and continues his medical practice at Yeditepe University Hospital and meets with patients. Dr. He will have the chance to benefit from Gazi Yaşargil's experiences.

Special Preparation for Three-Dimensional Live Surgery Broadcast at Yeditepe University Hospital!

Prof. Dr. Uğur Türe's surgeries, such as epilepsy and tumor surgery, were performed with the techniques he developed himself; Neurosurgeons attending the course will be able to follow it live in three dimensions. Live broadcasts of the surgeries are watched by Prof. along with the trainees on the screen. Dr. Gazi Yaşargil will also follow. For epilepsy patients, brain tumors and vascular disorders suitable for surgical treatment, Prof. Dr. The new techniques developed by Uğur Türe hold hope for treatment for many patients.


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