Multidisciplinary Case Presentations

Multidisipliner Olgu Sunumları

Other Events

  • 29May2024

    12. Istanbul Yaşargil Microneurosurgery Course

  • 22July2022

    1. Yeditepe Arrhythmia Symposium

  • 11December2017

    6th Istanbul Microneurosurgery Course

  • 23January2019

    Yeditepe University Hospital Doctors Met with Patients Who Underwent Kidney Transplantation

  • 11December2017

    7. İstanbul Microneurosurgey Course

  • 16May2023

    Nursing Symposium | 2023

  • 10November2019

    Istanbul Hands on Microvascular Anastomosis Course

  • 16August2023

    11. Istanbul Yaşargil Microneurosurgery Course

  • 25October2019

    Multidisciplinary Case Presentations

  • 14March2022

    Medicine Day Conference

  • 04March2021

    Relationship between Sustainable Development and Health

  • 10October2019

    Yeditepe University 1st Pituitary Day Craniopharyngiomas in honor of Professor Gazi Yasargil

  • 18June2019

    10th Istanbul Yasargil Microneurosurgery Course