Secret Heroes of Surgery and Intensive Care: "If There were no Anesthesia, There Would be no Surgery”

Surgical advances are undoubtedly one of the most important factors in prolonging human life. However, Anesthesiology and Reanimation Specialist Prof. Dr. Hatice Türe, claimed that if there were no anesthesia specialists and anesthesia, who are the secret heroes of surgery and intensive care, there would be no surgery today, and  "World Anesthesia Day" concerns every person received health care, was operated who finds a cure for his pain, who has went to the intensive care unit one way or another.

Saying that the first and basic condition for a person to have an operation is "not to feel pain during the operation" Prof. Dr. Hatice Türe explained that "pain" is an important problem that humans have struggled with since their existence, regardless of surgery. Yeditepe University Hospitals Anesthesiology and Reanimation Specialist and Head of the Central Branch of the Turkish Society of Anesthesiology and Reanimation Prof. Dr. Hatice Türe said, “Pain is an important problem that people have been struggling with since their existence, with or without surgery. Although it is attributed to Hippocrates, the anonymous phrase “Relieving pain is the art of God” still holds its validity today. All patients who will undergo surgery do not want to suffer, we are all trying to get our aching place treated. Physicians are also using new drugs, developing new techniques and even new surgeries to treat their patients' pain”.

Modern Anesthesia Has Undergone a Huge Development

Stating that modern anesthesia has made great progress in the last 30 years, Prof. Dr. Hatice Türe summarized what had happened up to this point as follows:

“Although the history of surgery dates back to ancient times, the history of the possibility of painless surgery using drugs in the modern sense and the organization of this work dates back to 1846. On October 16, 1846, a young patient at Harvard is given a sedative for anesthesia while the tumor in his neck is being removed, the patient remembers nothing when he wakes up, and the surgeon says it's a miracle. It is truly a miracle, because until that date, patients were operated alive, suffering from pain during the surgery. a person alive; cutting and cutting with their hands tied; It must be terrible for the one who has the surgery and the one who has the surgery.”

More is Needed Than Pain Relief for Safe Surgery Today

Explaining that today, the Anesthesiology and Reanimation specialists who do not allow us to feel pain during the surgery and give anesthesia to all of us all over the world and in our country do much more than relieve the patient's pain, Prof. Dr. Türe expressed her views as follows: “Anesthesia; (an-esthesia) literally means painlessness or insensitivity. But anesthesiology and reanimation specialist physicians do not only relieve the patient's pain during surgery. Because today, for safe surgery, it is necessary to do much more than relieve pain. It is essential to keep all vital activities of the patient in balance as a whole and to maintain this balance. E.g; Many functions such as breathing adequately, pumping blood to our body in sufficient quantity and pressure, and cleaning our blood regularly by our kidneys, must continue at the same time and in harmony with each other. At this point, Anesthesiology and Reanimation specialists follow the working order of all organs of the patient and treat them when necessary, so that the surgeon can operate on the patient. While this group of physicians gives anesthesia to the patients in the operating room and allows them to undergo surgery, they also perform reanimation services to bring the patients back to life in the intensive care unit. “reanimation” means reanimation; It covers all the work of putting to sleep and waking up in the operating room and intensive care unit, or resuscitating while writing dead. Pain treatments in pain clinics are also part of these developments.”

"The Day of All Humanity”

Due to all this importance, besides the Anesthesiology and Reanimation community of the "World Anesthesia Day" concerns everyone who received health care, had surgery, or have been to intensive care and who tries to find a cure for his pain one way or another, Prof. Dr. Hatice Türe said, “This date is an important turning point not for physicians, but for people who receive this service. anesthesiology and reanimation specialists, technicians, nurses and personnel are the health army that tries to help all people for this. Anesthesiology and Reanimation specialists' "Anesthesia Day" is always celebrated, but actually it is necessary to say "Happy Anesthesia Day for all humanity". Because "Happy that you don't have pain while undergoing surgery", "It's great that you can now come out of the difficult surgeries safely", “Happy that there are people trying to get you back to life in intensive care units” and “Happy that there are people who care about your pain” she concluded.

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