Noyan Temuçin Oğuş, M.D.

Prof. Noyan Temuçin Oğuş, M.D.

Cardiovascular Surgery

Yeditepe University Kozyatağı Hospital

Faculty and Graduation Year

Istanbul Faculty of Medicine, 1988


[email protected][email protected]

Career Summary

  • Founder Staff Dr. Private Marmara Hospital
  • Founder Staff Dr. Acıbadem Bakırköy Hospital
  • Founding Consultant Dr. Central Clinical Hospital –Baku Azerbaijan
  • Founding Consultant Dr. as Adatip Hospital
  • Consultant Dr. as Hayat / Medicana Hospitals Group
  • Private Göztepe Şafak Hospital as KVC Director
  • Private Medical Park Hospital Bahçelievler Istanbul as KVC Director
  • Taksim German Hospital as KVC Director
  • Kavacık Medistate Hospital as KVC Director

Fields of Study

  • Adult Cardiovascular Surgery

International Articles

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  • Turkish Society of Cardiovascular Surgery
  • European Thoracic Society 

Place and Year of Specialization

Koşuyolu Heart and Research Center, 1995

Place and Year of PhD Associate Professorship

Acıbadem Bakırköy Hospital, 2002

Professorship Place and Year

Nişantaşı University, 2014

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