Brain Surgery Department Led by Turkish Doctor Among the 'World’s Best'!

The American news magazine Newsweek has released its list of the "World's Best Specialized Hospitals." The Brain Surgery Department at Yeditepe University Hospitals, under the leadership of Prof. Dr. Uğur TÜRE, has earned a spot on this prestigious ranking. Remarkably, it is the only department in our country to have achieved this distinction to date.

“This Development Has Opened Paths for the Youth”

Prof. Dr. Uğur TÜRE, Head of the Department of Brain and Nerve Surgery at Yeditepe University Hospitals, highlighted the importance of this achievement for Türkiye, stating, "This development paves the way for our youth, opening new paths for their future success. It demonstrates that excellence can be achieved under any circumstances." 

The prestigious magazine Newsweek compiled this ranking, supported by a comprehensive 10-page report in the field of science. The ranking considers various criteria, including the department's scientific and technological advancements, the success of its surgeries, its global impact, and the innovations it pioneers. A large jury scores these factors to determine the final results. Regarding the ranking, where Yeditepe University Hospitals is the sole representative from Türkiye, Prof. Dr. Uğur TÜRE remarked, "To be honest, it was a surprise for me as well. Being compared with departments that have 20-30 professors and 20-30 assistants is unexpected. It shows that our work is globally recognized. Quality can always be enhanced by pushing the limits. Many departments now see that inclusion in such a ranking is possible. I am very happy for our university. Our Founding President, Mr. Bedrettin DALAN, and our Rector, Prof. Dr. Canan AYKUT BİNGÖL, have greatly contributed to this success. Celebrating this with them now is a wonderful feeling."

The celebration ceremony at Yeditepe University Koşuyolu Hospital was attended by Bedrettin DALAN, Founding and Honorary President of Yeditepe University; Prof. Dr. Canan AYKUT BİNGÖL, Rector of Yeditepe University; Prof. Dr. A. Burak DALAN, Chairman of the Board of Yeditepe University Hospitals; Prof. Dr. Fahrettin KELEŞTEMUR, Medical Coordinator; Prof. Dr. Faruk YENCİLEK, Chief Physician of Yeditepe University Koşuyolu Hospital; Prof. Dr. Hatice TÜRE, Coordinator of Anesthesiology & Reanimation, as well as many doctors, nurses, and staff..


“We Must Always Do Better Things”

Bedrettin DALAN expressed his admiration at the ceremony, stating, “Professor Türe has been featured on the covers of many prestigious medical journals worldwide for his groundbreaking work in brain surgery. Under Prof. Dr. Uğur TÜRE's leadership, our brain surgery department has reached the pinnacle of excellence. It’s common for people in our country to seek treatment in the US or Europe, believing they’ll find better care there. We need to shed this misconception. We have world-class hospitals and doctors here in Türkiye. Regarding brain surgery, Professor Türe is the name that stands out. I am grateful to all the nurses, doctors, healthcare personnel, and the entire team for this remarkable achievement. As followers of Atatürk, we must always aim for higher and more beautiful accomplishments. The pride we feel should be shared by the entire Turkish nation.""

“The Youth Should Never Lose Hope”

Rector Prof. Dr. Canan AYKUT BİNGÖL highlighted the hard work behind this achievement, saying, “We are incredibly proud. Achieving this milestone thanks to Professor Uğur brings immense joy to our university. It’s not an easy feat; there are many global rankings, and clinical rankings are new to us, yet we quickly made our mark. This success is built on immense effort, patience, and dedication. It also serves as a powerful example of the potential of healthcare services in our country and will pave the way for more achievements. Professor Uğur is training the next generation of prominent brain surgeons. Our students are very dear to us, and we impart all our knowledge to them. The youth should never lose hope. Every day, they can achieve new successes in our country."

Prof. Dr. Uğur Türe
Faculty and Year of Graduation:
Hacettepe University Faculty of Medicine, 1987

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